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Tax Return Preparation

At IBA Tax Group we prepare both simple tax returns and more complex and complicated ones. No matter if you just report W-2 income or have self-employment earnings, rental property income, capital gains or any other sources of revenue; our Enrolled Agents are here to provide you with the technical expertise and knowledge you are looking for. We are conveniently located in Coral Springs, FL and provide tax preparation services to individuals not only in South Florida but across the nation.

We serve both US citizens/residents and foreign aliens, working individuals and people with passive income, business owners of pass-through entities and sole proprietors, retired individuals and students. We file federal and state tax returns in all 50 states.

Our Tax Return Preparation services include:

  • Tax advice for the current year tax return;
  • In-depth interview to determine what tax deductions and tax credits are available to you;
  • Accurate tax returns prepared by experienced Enrolled Agents;
  • e-File (Electronic Filing) of tax returns for faster processing and refunds (we can still file on paper if you want us to);
  • Estimated tax payment calculation for next year.

We stand by our commitment to prepare accurate and complete tax returns with the most tax savings you can lawfully obtain. We DO NOT file fraudulent tax returns which show misrepresented income or tax deductions that you are not entitled to. We value our license and professionalism and do not plan to sacrifice it for your convenience. So, if you are looking for a made-up refund and IRS on your tail later, do not count on us please.

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