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Welcome to IBA Tax Group!

IBA Tax Group is a full service tax practice in South Florida providing various tax services to individual and business taxpayers in all 50 states. We are specialized in tax debt negotiation and resolution. We are Enrolled Agents, licensed by the IRS and specifically trained in taxation and representation before the IRS. We are NTPI Fellows, the top specialists in representation before the IRS, who earned the prestigious designation of the National Tax Practice Institute.

If you’ve got a tax problem, and about 1 out of 6 American taxpayers does, tell us your story and we will honestly and expertly let you know if you stand a chance against IRS and what options are available to solve your IRS problem, BEFORE you even hire us. Americans with tax problems are NOT bad people; they are not criminals or outlaws. They are just people who go through the rough stage of their lives due to some adverse life circumstances, such as sickness, lost job, divorce, business disaster, etc. And we are here to help you alleviate the tax burden and end your IRS nightmares.

We are also Certifying Acceptance Agents for the ITIN program, authorized by the IRS to certify original documents for non-residents during the process of obtaining Individual Tax Identification Number. If you feel uneasy to send your original passport to the IRS, come to us and we’ll help you with filing ITIN application and you’ll never lose possession of your most important travel document. We can also prepare your federal and state tax returns, so you will take care of all your tax needs in one place.

Please take your time and browse various tax services we provide, located in 3 different tabs on your right: Services for Individuals, Tax Controversy Services and Services for Businesses. And please do contact us toll-free or via email when you have any questions.

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Irina Bobrova

what our clients say

I couldn’t be happier with IBA Tax Group! Irina is absolutely amazing!! My husband & I came to IBA Tax Group making monthly payments to the IRS for over 5 years and still owing the IRS $42,000, an amount that would take 10-15 years at the rate we were going. I worried day & night about how long it would take us to pay off this amount, could and would the IRS garnish our wages, seize our bank account and would we still be able to retire when the time comes. Irina worked diligently with us, explaining the process of an OIC and was able to negotiate a settlement of $1,850 which was considerably lower than we ever thought possible. I would highly recommend IBA Tax Group & Irina to everyone who is in need of just a simple tax return filed to a major tax problem. Irina is very personable, professional & extremely knowledgeable in tax laws. I’m so grateful for all you have done.
At the time I met Irina in 2013, I had an outstanding tax bill of $140,574.25 for multiple years. After much work on her part she filed for an Offer in Compromise on my behalf in April of 2013. After 14 months my offer has been accepted and she succeeded in settling my debt for just $3,468.00, which is less than 2.5% of what I owed. And just after a month after offer acceptance Irina was successful in having all IRS tax liens released – another accomplishment that changed my life. With Irina's help I am now able to proceed with my life without the worry and stress of tax issues. I simply cannot say enough about this wonderful woman. She is almost beyond description in her professional ability and compassionate humanity.
Terri D.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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I just wanted thank Irina at the IBA Tax Group for helping my wife with a wage garnishment "scare". The wage levy notice was sent to her employer, and we contacted Irina for assistance. Irina immediately contacted the IRS, got the wage levy removed, and had the release form sent to the employer... all in the same day! Thanks again Irina!
Coral Springs, FL
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Irina, thanks very much. I have been very impressed with your efficiency preparing my tax return and filing ITIN application, and am very pleased with the service I have received.
Neil B.
Mendoza, Argentina
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I'm a self-employed artist and my taxes, usually, not that complicated. When I began working with Irina Bobrova at IBA Tax Group, I was finally happy! Irina has been preparing my taxes for over 4 years now, and every time I visit IBA Tax Group office I'm satisfied with decision I've once made. Irina is patient, she listens and asks questions that help me understand my spending trends and most importantly - save! I definitely recommend IBA Tax Group and Irina Bobrova to anyone who is looking for caring and knowledgeable tax service!
Kseniya M.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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IBA Tax Group has been a life-saver for our small business, providing accounting and yearly tax services efficiently and reliably!
Dawn G.
Littleton, CO
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When I had my first discussion with tax consultant from IBA Tax Group, conversation changed my opinion about them. Tax consultant explained the ITIN process in such a way that I got a 100% confidence in the IBA Tax Group and requested both ITIN application filing and tax return preparation. After sending all my documents, I received my dependent's ITIN at my home address within 22 days.  All my colleagues filed for the same service through other tax consulting groups but it took more than 2 months’ time to get the ITIN. From my point of view & based on the services received, IBA Tax consultants are professional, trustworthy and provide excellent services.
Haranath K.
Strongsville, OH
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