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IRS regulations changes of May 2012 have opened opportunities for a greater proportion of struggling taxpayers to start fresh and resolve their IRS problem by settling tax liability for less than what they owe. Even though more people are eligible to file for an Offer in Compromise (a program created and controlled by the IRS), not everyone is qualified to participate in it. Fraudulent “pennies on the dollar” scams have drawn tens of thousands of taxpayers even deeper into the hole rather than solving their tax issues, primarily because they were not eligible for an Offer in Compromise program in the first place.

That’s why we have created a simple and easy-to-use app, the OIC Calculator, which can help evaluate your chances of resolving a tax problem by means of Offer in Compromise. Answering a few easy-to follow questions about your current financial situation will produce instantaneous results. If you are qualified for the program, the results will include how much you can settle for, how much you will save, and when and how much you need to pay. Why spend thousands of dollars on professional tax representation before you even know for sure that you are truly a candidate for this program? Find out for yourself first, and then seek professional help.

The OIC Calculator is available for download from the App Store in both iPad and iPhone versions, as well as on all Android phones and tablets. It costs only $9.99 for a lifetime use, no additional charges on updates.

For more information on Offer in Compromise, see Frequently Asked Questions.

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